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EMS LHP – Episode 56 – Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Do y'all treat a-fib? Have you wondered what the best method of rate control is? Should you use diltiazem or metoprolol? How about the best pad placement for electrica...

EMS LHP – Episode 55 – Research from NAEMSP 2022 – Part 2

We’re back with the second part of our interviews with researchers from the NAEMSP 2022 conference in San Diego. In this episode, Dr. Jarvis interviews Dr. Brian Mille...

Episode 54 – NAEMSP Research Part I

Episode 54

EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast: Episode 53 - Calcium in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Are you still giving Calcium in undifferentiated cardiac arrests? Not those with hyperkalemia or hypocalcemia… you know, when it’s actually indicated. Be honest, now… ...

Episode 52 – The BOUGIE Trial

Episode 52

Episode 51 – Abstracts from PCRF at EMS Expo 2021 - Part 2

Episode 51

Episode 50 – PCRF Research Abstracts from EMS Expo – Part I

Episode 50

Episode 49 – The RACKED Trial, with Dr. Barbic

Episode 49

Episode 48 – Airway Updates from NEAR

Episode 48

Episode 46: 2020 EMS LLSA Review with Dr. Casey Patrick

Episode 46

Episode 45: ESO Ketamine Paperfrom Eagles

Episode 45

Episode 44: OHCA Update from Bend, OR

Episode 44

Episode 43: mRNA Vaccines – Real World Efficacy

Episode 43

Episode 42: Droperidol Black Box Warning

Episode 42

Episode 41: Breaking News: Johnson and Johnson COVID Vaccine

Episode 41

Bonus Episode: Medical Directors Gone Wild, Part Deux

Bonus Episode

Episode 38: Pediatric Intubation: Are Children Just Small Adults?

Episode 38

Special Episode: mRNA Literature Review

Bonus Episode

Episode 36: EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast

Episode 36

Episode 35: Capsaicin Cream and Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Episode 35

Episode 34: LVO and VAN Scores w/ Guests Dr. Wampler and Kidd

Episode 34

Episode 33: Headaches with Special Guest Dr. Erin Lincoln

Episode 33

Episode 32: Near VL vs. aDL

Episode 32

Episode 31: TXA for Epistaxis

Episode 31

Ep. 29: The Very Special Jarvis COVID Home Party Edition

Episode 29

Episode 28: Does IV vs. IO Matter with Epi?

Episode 28

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