LHP E80 – IM Epi in Cardiac Arrest

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Dr. Jarvis is joined by OG co-host Mike Verkest and Dr. Brent Myers from NAEMSP 2024. We discuss an intriguing concept in cardiac arrest… giving the initial dose of epinephrine IM instead of starting an IV or IO. They discuss a 2021 paper that compared this approach to standard dosing in a feasibility study done in Salt Lake City. Those authors released some additional data from this study… this time about survival. We talk about the potential ramifications.

Pugh AE, Stoecklein HH, Tonna JE, Hoareau GL, Johnson MA, Youngquist ST: Intramuscular adrenaline for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is associated with faster drug delivery: A feasibility study. Resuscitation Plus. 2021;September;7:100142.

LHP E80 – IM Epi in Cardiac Arrest
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