LHP E79 - Head Up CPR – Not So FAST

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EMS History is full of interventions we've rapidly adopted, often at great expense and with disruption of existing processes, that later turned out to, how should I say this..... not work. Want examples? MAST and high-volume crystalloids in trauma. Mechanical compression devices, high-dose epinephrine, indiscriminate calcium administration in cardiac arrest. Do I even need to mention backboards? The next bright, shiny thing promising to revolutionize cardiac arrest resuscitation is Head-Up CPR. It's certainly expensive and disruptive, but does it improve outcomes? What is the evidence?

Dr. Jarvis has thoughts. He goes deep on this topic, using a recent paper on Head-Up CPR to discuss how he evaluates new interventions for adoption. Oh, and he has thoughts on science in general.

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LHP E79 - Head Up CPR – Not So FAST
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