Ep 69 - iGel vs King LT in OHCA

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The cage match you've all been waiting for! iGel vs King LT in cardiac arrest. Which is associated with higher survival?

Airways-2 was an RCT of iGel vs. ETI in OHCA and found no difference. PART was an RCT of King LT vs. ETI in OHCA and found a slight difference favoring King LT. How about those patients just getting an SGA? How does the iGel compare to King LT? Dr. Jarvis interviews the amazing young researcher and medical student Tanner Smida about his new paper using the ESO dataset to answer this question. 

Citation: Smida T, Menegazzi J, Crowe R, Scheidler J, Salcido D, Bardes J. A Retrospective Nationwide Comparison of the iGel and King Laryngeal Tube Supraglottic Airways for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation. Prehospital Emergency Care. Published online January 18, 2023:1-13.
Ep 69 - iGel vs King LT in OHCA
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